SCBWI SA Sketch and Scribble

By Beverley McWilliams

SCBWI SA hosted their first ever Sketch and Scribble at the picturesque location of Carrick Hill, Springfield.

Such a relaxing way to be reinspired - Shannon Snoad

Such a relaxing way to be reinspired - Shannon Snoad

The day began with an illustration exercise to get the creative juices flowing. Even the terrified ‘just writers’ (which included me) enjoyed crafting the group mandalas.

Members were then invited to follow a writer or illustrator guide. Some of the braver among us (which didn’t include me) even ventured outside their usual field of expertise to find their creativity in a different form.

A stroll of The Storybook Trail delivered a wealth of inspiration with it’s Hobbit House, hidden troll bridge and secret garden.

The perfect squeeze for the brain juice - Kylie Covark

It was wonderful to come together at the end and share creations. Some managed to produce magnificent illustrations or entire drafts of poems, others developed a few lines or some story ideas. But, everyone agreed, the day had been a huge success. It had provided a perfect opportunity to take time out from our busy lives and immerse ourselves in a creative space.