Vivienne To's new picture book

Congrats to Vivienne To on her adorable illustrations for

The Sloth Who Came to Stay

Written by Margaret Wild.

Published by Allen and Unwin, in hardback

for ages 3 - 6.

The Sloth Who Came to Stay.jpg

Amy's family is speedy! They're always in such a rush that there's no time to talk or play - until the afternoon Amy brings home a sloth. Then things start changing - very, very slowly ...

To be released on July 1st

Sounds - and looks! - a winner. Congrats again Vivienne! 


Allayne Webster's new junior novel

Congrats to Allayne Webster on the publication of her new junior fiction

A Cardboard Palace

A-Cardboard-Palace-193x300 (3).jpg

Published by MidnightSun Publishing, in paperback

for ages 8 - 14.

Jorge lives in a shanty town on the outskirts of Paris. Bill, a controller, has an army of child thieves at his command - and Jorge is one of them.

A Cardboard Palace is endorsed by respected kids' authors Rosanne Hawke and Susanne Gervay. It was launched by cookbook author and Masterchef Runner-up, Callum Hann, at Burnside Library, Adelaide, on June 18.

Intriguing-sounding plot - congrats again Allayne!