CBCA National Restructure Information Discussion

20 November 2017,  6.00pm for 6.15pm – NSW Writers Centre

The CBCA would like to invite you to meet with the National Chair, Margot Hillel to discuss issues around the possible national restructure of the CBCA.  Margot will be speaking and answering questions from 6.15pm. Information on the proposed restructure is available on our website and we encourage all members to read through the documentation and attend this meeting.  If you are unable to attend please email comments and questions to cbcansw@bigpond.com

RSVP for this free discussion at Trybooking https://www.trybooking.com/SPIO

LINK to documentation: http://nsw.cbca.org.au/pages/national-board.html

SCBWI Grants and Awards for Australian members

Huge thank you and congratulations to our wonderful ARA Sheryl Gwyther (Queensland) who was awarded the RAM award (Regional Advisor Marketing Awards) to market her middle grade novel, Sweet Adversity, which is to be published by Harper Collins Australia in July 2018. It has been a 10 year journey of development and SCBWI has supported her through initially the WOOP grant and now RAM.

Apart from the financial support, the belief in her work has helped her to continue her journey of reaching publication. She also won the Work-in-progress Grant in 2013 for development of Sweet Adversity. The award is US$2000 towards the launch and marketing of her new book. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Sheryl_profile pix.jpg

Huge thank you again and congratulations also to our fabulous coordinator, Nicole Godwin (ACT) for winning the Tribute Scholarship to the SCBWI NY Conference. Her passion for the environment and saving threatened animals has found a home in her books for children. Nicole is tireless in our new region of ACT Canberra leading a committee that is making SCBWI a real community in that region.

As Australia East & New Zealand covers two countries and 5 states, I develop and work with leadership in each state and country. Awards recognising our leadership are important in supporting our regions. I am extremely grateful for the acknowledgment and support by SCBWI Head Office, Steve and Lin.

The awards and grants are open across the whole 70 chapters of SCBWI and we encourage all members to apply for those applicable to you. You can find more information about them here. Authors can read more here and for illustrators click here.

We love celebrating our great work and successes in Australia East & New Zealand.

Susanne Gervay


Farewell SA ARA, Katrina Germein and welcome Kelly Hibbert


Before joining SCBWI, whenever I head the term ‘society of (something)’, I always thought, secret. Secret Society. The two words just go together, don’t they? There’s supposedly nothing secret about SCBWI – anyone can join - but the thing is, people who aren’t members don’t get it. They don’t get us. They’re confused when we say we love writing, and then we say we hate writing, and then we say we’re quitting writing, and then we say we could never quit writing because we love it so much. (Or illustrating, if that’s your cleverness).

So we are a kind of secret society because we understand each other when no one else does. Leading SCBWI SA has been an enriching part of my life story. As member numbers have grown from 7 to 50, the enthusiasm of our group has swept me along with it. Our crew is made up of positive, supportive, creative, people and while I’m stepping down as coordinator I’m not leaving the tribe.

Kelly Hibbert.jpg

Thank you to the gorgeous Susanne Gervay for giving me the opportunity to steer SCBWI SA for the last five years. And thank you to the SA community for supporting me so warmly and generously. I love sharing secrets with you. Welcome to the wonderful Kelly Hibbert, whom I know will make an awesome coordinator.

Over to you, Kel.

Katrina Germein