SCBWI Success Story - Yvonne Low

There was once an artist and writer, by the name of Yvonne Low, who worked every day
in a corner of her attic weaving words, drawing dreams and painting with poetry. She
would look through her window and try to capture the clouds or wander with the wind to
far-off lands. From dawn to dusk, she played with words and colours, teasing out meaning
and magic and all the while, searching for castles in the air.

One day she entered a wonderful world filled with other scribblers and daubers, word-wizards
and picture-conjurers. Like her, these writers and artists of SCBWI were also
looking for things that no-one else had seen, or discovering treasures that no-one else had
found. It was a good place to be.

Time passed and Yvonne plucked up her courage, gathered together her stories and her art
portfolio, and journeyed regularly into the city to learn, to be inspired and encouraged and
also to display her wares, at the SCBWI Sydney Conferences, master classes and Illustrator
Showcases. Publishers and Art Directors were there as well, looking for a tale not yet told
or a picture never before imagined.

Then finally, the word-wizard and publisher Sophie Masson discovered Yvonne’s work at
the 2016 SCBWI Conference Illustrator Showcase. Sophie loved her work and wanted to
whisk her straight away into the magical realm of Christmas Press. Sophie and Yvonne
met then and there and that castle in the air finally became a reality a few months later –
Yvonne’s first trade book illustration contract!

Jack of Spades by Sophie Masson is a thriller for 10-14 year olds, set in 1910 Paris, and
filled with adventure, romance and history (right up Yvonne’s alley!) Yvonne enjoyed
creating the cover and internal illustrations for this exciting novel, published by Eagle
Books (imprint of Christmas Press) and being released in April 2017.

Yvonne’s Bio
Yvonne Low is a children’s writer, illustrator and award-winning artist. She has written
poetry for The School Magazine and created a children’s CD cover for ABC Commercial,
My Nursery Rhymes Collection with Mark Macleod. Jack of Spades is her first trade book.
Yvonne is active with the CBCA (Northern Sydney Sub-branch) and is a Role Model with
Books in Homes Australia.
You can find more of Yvonne’s work at and on Twitter @YLcreate.

Maria Gill Talks Marketing Opportunities in the NZ

Our first meeting was held at Birkenhead Library Auckland Saturday February 18, when we gathered to hear Maria Gill talk about marketing opportunities.

Maria, whose Anzac Heroes (Scholastic NZ) was awarded the 2016 NZ Book Awards for Children and Young Adults Elsie Locke Award for nonfiction and was the overall NZ Book Margaret Mahy winner, has curated several successful exhibitions of New Zealand children's books over the past three years.

Check out Maria's This year she is expanding her recent focus on Anzac Books into Australia, with a new exhibition of outstanding Australian and New Zealand Anzac titles that will rotate around Brisbane Libraries in 2017-2018. Many titles by SCBWI members are included. For more background here's Maria's accompanying blog:

From NZ ARA, Frances Plumpton




May Gibbs Children’s Literature Trust

Applications for 2018 creative time residential fellowships are now open

Published authors or illustrators of at least one book for children or young people are invited to apply for “the gift of time,” with a May Gibbs Trust creative time residential fellowship. The Trust provides delightful rent-free accommodation and local support in one of our three host cities - Adelaide, Canberra or Brisbane.


Click on all the information provided under ‘creative time fellowships’

NB. This information is most effectively viewed on a computer screen and may not appear on phones or tablets

For application details contact Sally Chance, Fellowships Coordinator:

Completed applications must be received by 11.59 pm on Sunday April 30 2017