It's a wrap! - The Sydney SCBWI Conference 2016 Roundup

As this crusty captain and her unbelievably competent crew prepare to set forth once again into the perilous sea of submissions, self-doubt, publication, unresolved plots, and confused colour palettes, I'd like to leave you with a few beautifully blurry but brilliant reminders of the Australian New Zealand Conference that was Sydney 2016.

Wining Dining and Winning

The Beatnickers SCBWI Band

The Vollies (a few of them)

The Delegates

Your Roving Reporters!

The RR team!

The RR team!

Captain Dimity Powell

First Mate Sheryl Gwyther

Motley Crew members:

  • Rachel Nobel
  • Giuseppe Poli
  • Katrin Dreiling
  • Melanie Hill
  • Yvonne Mes
  • Maria Gill
  • Leigh Roswen
  • Kel Butler
  • Ramona Davy
  • Karen Collum
  • Liz Anelli Doodle artist
  • Denzo Alker Photographer
  • Oliver Phommavanh Tweeter

The Miracle Workers – Chief Navigators for this captain

  • Susanne Gervay Regional Adviser
  • Deb Abela Assistant Regional Adviser (ARA)
  • Sheryl Gwyther ARA
  • Caz Goodwin ARA
  • Sarah Davis Regional Illustrator Coordinator
  • Margaret Roc
  • Marjorie Crosby-Fairall ARA

As our intrepid leader, Susanne Gervay once told me – ‘The role of story is to engender our own stories and hold our meanings.’

For me, that encapsulates one of the best things about being part of this special Society; to learn how to better stir the art of storytelling into something spectacular, to share this with other like minded creatives, and to experience and celebrate their stories’ meanings be they in verse, prose, or brushstroke.

Arr me mateys, till next we sail together...

Arr me mateys, till next we sail together...

Thank you for having us report for you this year. It’s been an adventure.

Rove you Later


The End?