Meet the Stowaway! A new Rover Revealed

Look what we found lurking beneath the decks, another recruit for our burly crew of Roving Reporters. Please, bang your tankards together for, Kel Butler.

Kel is a newcomer to the writing game, having only discovered her passion for children’s literature and storytelling after becoming a parent, although it has always been a big part of her life in other ways. Prior to kids Kel had a long history in the film and television industry. Through reading to her children every day, Kel came to appreciate the nuances and dual storytelling of picture books and undertook the Writing Picture Books Course at the Australian Writer’s Centre.

Since then Kel has embraced the beauty in all forms of children’s books and dedicated herself to learning about the craft, expanding her knowledge and experience as a writer. She hopes to one day be a published author and is currently working on a couple of picture books, a young reader series and an adult fiction novel that came out of nowhere.

Kel’s passion for writing can only be surpassed by her passion for global literacy and education. Last year Kel came across the book “Creating Room to Read” by Room to Read founder John Wood and the soul connection was instant. From that moment Kel dedicated herself to the plight of global literacy and education. She is a volunteer for Room to Read working on the Writer Ambassador Program and helping to co-ordinate the World Change

Is this your first SCWBI Conference?

This is my first SCWBI Conference and I am very excited to be involved.

What is the most memorable (SCBWI) Conference experience you’ve had to date, or hope to have?

So far it was this year’s CBCA Conference but I am new to all this and have only just started attending.

As a creator in the Kids Literary Industry, what do you want to be best known for?

Writing great books that people can’t get enough of.

Name one thing you cannot live without.

There are two that hold equal weight for me. My people; my family, friends and communities. And stories. I can’t live a day without discovering a story, they are life’s other necessary nourishment.

Ahh, yes – stories – as essential to life as clear skies and calm seas. Now with a full complement of crew, I gaze toward the horizon, ready to bring this ship to shore and the SCBWI Sydney Conference 2016! Hope to see you there.

Rove you Later!