Meet the Team Part 3

This week we reveal our token male Rover! Every crew benefits from having a solid male presence…we have Giuseppe!

Some of you may know him as a shy retiring owlet or better remember him as a scowling orange grumble. Meeting Giuseppe Poli, the artist behind these beguiling picture book characters is as entertaining as being in one of his stories. See why below.

Our second featured Rover hardly needs any introduction; she is one of Australia’s best-loved and most endearing authors of children’s and young adult fiction and I just love her stories to bits. Meet, Nette HiltonKeep an eye out for both of them at this year’s SCBWI Sydney 2016 Conference.

Giuseppe Poli

Giuseppe Poli lives in Brisbane and is one ecstatic newcomer to the Children’s literature world.

Giuseppe has illustrated three pictures books, Hootie the Cutie (New Frontier, 2014), Fearless with Dad (New Frontier, 2015), Oliver’s Grumbles (DragonTales, 2015) and is currently finishing his fourth. In 2016 Fearless with Dad was published in Korea.

Giuseppe is a sought after presenter at schools, sharing his passion for imagination, his belief in the creative process and of the potential in us all. 

As a creative, Giuseppe has found his home in Children’s Literature - he is feverishly pursuing his Author Illustrator career and can’t wait to publish his own stories to continue to delight people for many more years to come.

Is this your first SCWBI Conference? 

Yes, this is my first one and I'm so excited!

What is the most memorable (SCBWI) Conference experience you’ve had to date, or hope to have? 

I'm coming to learn, share and grow.  I need to improve my ability to tell/show stories and I need to be a part of a team that brings great stories to life.  I'm hoping I can make progress on both of those.  I'm also hoping to be able to share some cool insights to help others on their journey.

I can't wait to meet fellow creatives and publishing professionals. After this conference, I would love to be able to call many of these amazing peeps, my friends. 

As a creator in the Kids Literary Industry, what do you want to be best known for? 
When kids and parents see my name on a book, they know it's going to be a great ride.

Name one thing you cannot live without.

My family is number one. After them, I just can't live without creating, especially creating things that brighten someone's day or simply makes their life just a little bit more special.

Nette Hilton

Nette Hilton is a reporter with a roving eye. She lives on NSW far north coast and is the proud author of lottsa kids and YA books, some of them pretty good. Currently she continues to write and fill her time with writerly things like festivals, and school visits and learning as much as she can about writing and story making. Her latest conquest is to master illustrating her own work and, so far, has had one work accepted – and rejected (but the good news is that it wasn’t let down by illos).

Is this your first SCWBI Conference? If not how many have you attended, where?

This is my second SCWBI conference and I attended in Sydney at Hughenden – four years ago? I think – 2012 (know I wore blue denim boots).

What is the most memorable (SCBWI) Conference experience you’ve had to date, or hope to have?

An impromptu meet up with Karen Tayleur about the little bear book that Peter Taylor and I had put together. This resulted in a long, long story about my ‘Fox and Hen – a love story’ manuscript being adopted for a week’s residency at Pinerolo to work on illustrations and then presented to Five Mile and then . . . rejected.  

As a creator in the Kids Literary Industry, what do you want to be best known for?

The opportunity to say ‘good lookin’ ‘ is very strong but . . . no – I’d like to be best known for being a successfully published author who is still trying to win – and a willing and helpful mentor to up-and-coming writers.

Name one thing you cannot live without.

My family – they’re a story without end . . .

 Thanks Giuseppe and Nette!

Keep your eyes peeled, there are a few more members lurking in the wings, dying to be met.

Rove you later!