ACT NOW to save the Australian Publishing Industry....Make your submission to the Productivity Commission by June 3.

The Australian government is about to make significant changes to copyright, threatening the future of our Australian stories. We need to highlight the impact the proposed changes would have on Australian creativity, on authors’ incomes, on a vibrant Australian publishing industry, on jobs, and on our education system.

Please read this link to find out what is proposed, why it is so damaging to our industry and what we can do about it. Read the draft proposals and make a submission to the commission here But hurry! Submissions are needed by June 3.

You can also read more here or sign the petition here. It is also really important that you are a member of the Australian Society of Authors who fights for the rights of Australian creators. You can find out more about their campaign here.

You can also read here more from the Copyright Agency.


Please find below two letters written to local members. One by author and ARA Deborah Abela and the other by author and President of the CBCA Northern Sydney Sub Branch, Wendy Fitzgerald. We urge you please to do the same.

Dear Minister Plibersek,

I am a children’s author of over 20 novels and have been part of the legion of Australian creators who have been speaking to kids in schools and at writers’ festivals for many years. I have seen first-hand how reading books and meeting their creators can change and enrich children’s lives.

I am very concerned about the Productivity Commission’s proposal to change the rules surrounding our Industry, which suggest allowing parallel imports, reducing the term of copyright and replacing the current ‘fair dealing’ laws with US-style 'fair use'.

I believe these changes will have a hugely damaging effect on our Australian publishing industry, making it almost impossible for authors to earn a living and for Australian publishing companies to continue.

As my local member, I urge you to help fight with us on this issue. Thank you for your time and I look forward to your reply.    

Yours sincerely,

Deborah Abela, Children’s Author, Dip Teach, BA Comm UTS


Dear Paul Fletcher,

I am very concerned about the Productivity Commission’s proposal to change the rules surrounding our Australian Children's Publishing Industry. I understand the proposal is to change from ‘fair dealing’ to ‘fair use’ for author’s work- allowing others to plagiarise. Also, if we abolish parallel import rules we will be allowing in a flood of cheap overseas books. This will have a detrimental effect on our Australian publishing – and it would be very unfair to bring down the copyright from the current 75 years to as little as 15 years. There are a lot of people in the Australian children's book industry who are very worried about this.

Do you think this is fair and in line with the government's innovation policies on jobs and growth for Australians? I am relying on your support in this and I look forward to your reply.    

Yours sincerely,

Wendy Fitzgerald.