SCBWI Forum at the Tamar Writers Festival 18 March 2016

As part of the Tamar Valley Writers Festival, SCBWI will be holding a special session filled with information, news and fascinating talks. Organised by Anne Morgan, the session will be chaired by ARA, Deborah Abela and will feature a host of sparkling SCBWI speakers including Jacquie Harvey, Belinda Murrell, Christina Booth, Sally Odgers and lots more. We will discuss ways SCBWI can help you, what to expect at the national conference in Sydney this September, how to deliver that perfect pitch and survive as an author/illustrator. It will be fun, informative and followed by a chance to catch up with local SCBWI folk. Please find below a working draft of the program. There may be some small changes before the day.

SCBWI Forum at the Tamar Writers Festival 18 March 2016

Beaconsfield Senior Citizens Function Room

Entry by donation



            You are invited to join Christina Booth who will launch, The Moonlight Bird and the Grolken, a new picture book by Anne Morgan and Lois Bury.


3.00    WELCOME

            Assistant Regional Advisor and kids’ author, Deborah Abela, will MC this SCBWI event and offer a brief overview of the afternoon.


 Chair: Deb Abela

 Panellists: Christina Booth and Lois Bury.

            Deb, Christina and Lois will take us through the benefits of SCWBI and the many ways it can help you connect with other book industry professionals and help you achieve publication. They will also talk about the Biennial SCBWI Sydney conference from September 4-7.

3.20    PITCH PERFECT: PITCHING your book – how, where and why?

Chair: Deb Abela

Panellists: Belinda Murrell, Carol-Ann Martin, Nicole Gill

            Join Belinda, Carol-Ann and Nicole as they share their secrets to a successful book pitch. They’ll talk about their experiences and what they think makes a great pitch. 

3:45    Afternoon tea and a few birthday celebrations

4.00   How do authors and illustrators survive?

Chair: Deb Abela

Panellists: Christina Booth and Sally Odgers

            You’ve had your first contract, or even your tenth but how do you earn enough to keep writing and illustrating? And are ebooks an option?

4.20    Perils, Pitfalls and Pleasures of Publishing. WHAT I’VE LEARNED SO FAR. 

Chair: Deb Abela

Panellists: Belinda Murrell and Jacquie Harvey

            Join these successful and popular authors as they tell us about their publishing stories: how they started, the highs, the lows and the moments they’ll never forget. They’ll look back to where they started and share some tips, hints and advice of what they’ve learned so far.

4:45    Help! I’ve been asked to do a school visit…what do I do now?

Speaker: Deborah Abela   

            One way authors and illustrators earn an income and meet their audience, is by speaking in schools. It can be fun and rewarding, but how do you prepare, what can you expect and how do you negotiate fair payment?

5.00   Illustrators at work

Participating Chair: Christina Booth

Panellists: Lois Bury and Rosemary Mastnak

            Illustrators talk about their creative process, how they create those clever and memorable pics and protocols for working with publishers and authors.

5:15   THREE CHEERS! Tasmanian success STORIES

Chair: Anne Morgan

            We invite Tassie authors and illustrators to share their latest books and publishing success stories. They’ll tell us what they did and how they did it.

5.30   THANK YOU AND Close

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Hope to see you there!