Elohim - hope for children of the slums - 9th Nov at The Hughenden

SCBWI proudly supports literacy across the world.

The amazing Susi Prescott has dedicated her life to helping the children of the dust in Peru. Elohim, a little school has risen from the dust offering hope to the children.

Diane MacDonald's exhibition of  photos on her expedition to Elohim with Susi Prescot as the guest speaker is in the beautiful Fountain Room in The Hughenden Boutqiue Hotel Sydney

It's free entry but you must register:-

Sunday afternoon, 9th November  2014

4pm to 6 pm 

The Hughenden 14 Queen Street  Woollahra NSW 2025

 Facebook for beautiful photos by Diane MacDonald


 For catering purposes, please register for the event. There is a link from the page, among the photos, or you can go directly to register with this link :


The purpose of this event is to raise awareness and raise funds for 'Elohim' with the goal  of $8,000 to go All donations above $2 are tax deductible through the Global Development Group, Project J728N. There is a link to donate by Paypal on the event page, or alternatively you can donate by credit card, direct deposit or cheque using the link below and clicking on 'Make Donation'.


 Please tell all your friends, 'like' the Facebook page, and RSVP by registering for the event, or emailing The Hughenden Hotel functions@thehughenden.com.au

Parking available in Centennial Park, near Oxford Street gates.

Love to see you there - Susanne


Source: http://thehughenden.com.au

The Three Wise Writers Wreak Havoc at the SCBWI Christmas Party

Last night, SCBWI NSW kept the good folk of Woollhara awake long past their respectable bedtimes. The glorious Hughenden was filled with authors, illustrators and publishers, who were in their turn full of fine wine, delicious food, and far too much cake.

The Masters of Ceremonies were the Three Wise Writers, Wendy Blaxland, Nathan Luff, and Deb Abela, who awed us all with their Dignity and Gravitas and general Aura of Wisdom. They organised a bunch of fantastic theatre-sports games, and didn't even have to bully us into joining in! 

Deb Abela  telling  Nathan Luff  off for skinning an endangered animal to make something as frivolous as a hat.

Deb Abela telling Nathan Luff off for skinning an endangered animal to make something as frivolous as a hat.

Wendy Blaxland, clearly up to no good...

Wendy Blaxland, clearly up to no good...


There were even door prizes (no prizes for guessing they were all books!) The response of one publisher-who-shall-remain-nameless on opening her present: 

I don’t want THAT!
I published the damn thing!”
— Publisher-who-shall-remain-nameless

Everyone had a children's book character stuck to their backs (no-one had a "kick-me!" sign - I checked...) and had to guess who they were, which was a great ice-breaker. Such illustrious names as Miss Trunchbull, Ebenezeer Scrooge, Stuart Little, Rumplestiltskin, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, Pippi Longstocking and the Lorax were spotted, and look who was Little Miss Naughty! 

Mark Thomason AKA Little Miss Naughty

Mark Thomason AKA Little Miss Naughty