Two new junior novels for Adam Wallace

Congrats to Adam Wallace on the publication of his TWO new chapter books:

The Vanilla Slice Kid


Blunderingly Brilliant

The Vanilla Slice Kid, co-authored by Jack Wodhams and illustrated by Tom Gittus, is published by Ford Street Publishing in paperback, for ages 8 - 12.
Archie Cunningham has a very special, and very tasty, power. When an uploaded video shows the world what he can do, Archie suddenly becomes the key in a quest for TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION!

Blunderingly Brilliant, illustrated by James Hart, is published by Krueger Wallace Press in paperback, for ages 6 - 10. 
Jackson Payne is super clumsy, and now he's also a superstar, on the front page of the newspaper. But it's going to Jackson's head, and that can only lead to one thing ... CHAOS!

Both heaps of fun judging by the covers! - great stuff Adam!

Two new books for Adam Wallace


Congrats to Adam Wallace on the publication of two new books

Accidentally Awesome


Rhymes With Drawing - More Cartooning the Fun Way

RWD Front cover SCBWI.jpg

both published by Kreuger Wallace Press

Accidentally Awesome, illustrated by James Hart is for ages 6-10
Jackson Payne is, like, really, really, really REALLY clumsy! But every time he's clumsy, awesome things happen. But Jackson is over it. He wants to be a hero on purpose. But how do you stop being a fluke?

Rhymes with Drawing is both written and illustrated by the brilliant Adam! The age group range is 5 - 1,000,000  :-)
If you like cartooning, Rhymes with Drawing is the book for you. 10 rhyming stories teach you how to draw 10 cartoons. There are even cool facts, and the monkey starts as an upside-down bum! It's true!

Great stuff Adam!