Image Royalty Claim for Illustrators

All illustrators out there should definitely apply to CAL for Image Royalty Claim. Find out more below.

If your images have been published in books, journals, magazines or newspapers or shown on TV, you may be eligible for an royalty from the Copyright Agency. Copyright Agency manages licence fees that allow educational institutions, government, businesses and others to copy and share text and images. We pay licensing fees back as royalties to writers, artists and publishers.

We want to expand the information we have on visual artists, including photographers, fine artists, illustrator, cartoonists and more, whose works have been either published or shown on TV. To ensure royalties are distributed to the right creators, we need your help.


Complete the claim if:

  • You have created artworks (such as photographs, cartoons, illustrations or paintings); OR
  • You are a beneficiary of a person who created artworks; AND
  • The images have been included in an Australian publication (book, ebook, journal, online journal, magazine, newspaper) and/or shown on TV in Australia; AND
  • You retain copyright in those images.

Those who applied last year do not need to resupply the same information.

Apply for an Image Royalty Claim here.


We will pay you at least $50 if:

  1. We can verify the information you give us (e.g. by checking the publications where you tell us your image/s have been published); and
  2. You are a member of Copyright Agency: membership is free, but we require people to agree to our membership terms before we make a payment.
    More on membership.


All applications must be submitted by 5pm (EST) Monday, 30 April 2018.