Have you been thinking of getting into your writing and/or illustrating and WHOOPS! It’s suddenly the end of the year and you haven’t produced that masterpiece or even started?

Don’t despair. Hope is at hand.

Join one of our enthusiastic, supportive and amazingly helpful SCBWI Online Critique Groups to encourage and guide you to the completion of your dream.

There is nothing that gives me a greater thrill than hearing good luck stories from our Online Critique Group members such as Katrina McKelvey’s picture book  ‘Isla’s Family Tree’ Success Story in November SCBWI Newsletter and the exciting news from Jude Tynan who emailed me recently:

Hello Margaret

I wanted to let you know that my novel ‘First to Base is Ace’ is going to be published by Shooting Star Press next year. They are a small press, and only very new. I wanted to tell you because I think being in the critique Group made all the difference. Thank you for finding that group for me. Jude Tynan


Check out the Online Critique Group information on the SCBWI website. If you are interested and you are prepared to commit to submitting your work and critiquing the work of others on a regular basis why not apply to be placed in a group to start off the New Year.