Saving Our School Libraries

Saving Our School Libraries School libraries encourage children to read and write but not only that, it encourages them to develop a love of reading, and it's this that will have the biggest impact on them as they grow older.


Libraries provide a safe, welcoming place for your child to spend time during their school day. Constant funding cuts to staffing and resources are putting the future of school libraries at risk.

In 2018, the School Library Coalition will mount an Australia wide campaign to demonstrate how important they are, not just for your child's school years, but for lifelong learning and fulfillment.

To help us, we're looking for stories about how children have received significant benefit from participating in the literacy, social and cultural activities of the school library, or simply from feeling nurtured and engaged. Or perhaps you have an experience of how school library staffing cuts have impacted on your child’s learning or wellbeing. If you have a personal experience that you're happy for us to share (we can change names if necessary), we'd love to hear from you. Please email your story or contact details to

You can also download some very fun, librarian-loving free posters from the UK here If you do use them, please credit the illustrator, Sarah McIntyre.