Ian Wilson Memorial Fellowship FAQs

May Gibbs Children’s Literature Trust

Applications for the 2018 Ian Wilson Memorial Fellowship

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility criteria to make an application?

You must be emerging as an author and/or illustrator of books for children or young people, wishing to dedicate time to new work that reflects Australian voices or themes. The Trust’s definition of “emerging”, for the purposes of the 2018 programme, is an author or illustrator whose work is as yet unpublished commercially or who may have titles published independently or by an educational publisher.

What do you mean by “Australian voices and themes”?

We want to see an authentic sense of Australian settings, voices and/or themes, through which young readers can see themselves and their lives. We are interested in your depiction of society and culture, and any aspect of the broader Australian environment in which we live.

Do I have to be young as well as emerging?

Absolutely not! We recognise that people begin writing/illustrating at various times in their lives.

I am an established author/illustrator of books for adults, but I am emerging into the field of children’s/young adult literature. Am I still eligible to apply?

Yes you are.

Is there a fee to apply?


I live overseas. Can I still apply?

Yes, as long as you are an Australian resident or citizen and understand that the Trust will not provide an international airfare. You will need to provide a very strong rationale for wanting to travel to Adelaide for the 2018 Fellowship.

Do I need to specify the dates of my Fellowship as part of my application?

The 2018 Ian Wilson Memorial Fellowship is available only in March.

Can I undertake paid work during the Fellowship?

No, the Ian Wilson Memorial Fellow is expected to spend two weeks on their creative project(s) and a third week undertaking a program of networking and professional development.

A living allowance of $50 per day (to a maximum of $1100) is provided to the Ian Wilson Memorial Fellow because no paid work is available during the Fellowship.

What does the May Gibbs Children’s Literature Trust provide?

·      Rent-free accommodation for up to 21 nights in the Trust’s Adelaide-based studio apartment

·      If you are not from SA, flights from and to your nearest capital city

·      If resident in regional SA, support with transport to and from Adelaide

·      A living allowance of $50 per day for the duration of your stay, to a maximum of $1100

·      A co-constructed schedule of supported networking opportunities, visits and professional development.

 I live in South Australia. Can I still apply?

Yes you can, but you must take up the accommodation in Norwood, rather than working from home.

What do you expect from me as the Ian Wilson Memorial Fellow?

The Ian Wilson Memorial Fellow is required to:

❑      dedicate two weeks to the development of (a) new project(s);

❑      co-construct a personalised one-week programme of professional development. This may include networking opportunities with local professional groups, meetings with industry representatives such as publishers, book shop selectors or children’s librarians, observation of the work of people such as teacher librarians or writers in residence at work, attendance at the Adelaide Festival’s Writers’ Week;

❑      acknowledge the support of the MGCLT in any publication arising from the work undertaken or completed, in full or in part, during the Fellowship, using the Trust’s logo (contact the Fellowships Co-ordinator) and an appropriate version of the following short acknowledgement:

[Title] was conceived/developed/completed as part of the Ian Wilson Memorial Fellowship provided by the May Gibbs Children's Literature Trust;

❑      contribute to the Fellows’ journal in the studio apartment;

❑      complete a brief report about the Fellowship within eight weeks of its conclusion;

❑      liaise with the Fellowships Co-ordinator on suitable content for information provided to the media/social media.

You may be asked to speak without payment at an informal event designed to promote your work, the work of the Trust and the profile of the Ian Wilson Memorial Fellowship.

Can I have my partner/family to stay during my residency?

Partners and family members are welcome to stay for a short time, such as a weekend, during your Fellowship. The accommodation is not suitable for longer-term stays because it’s also your work space.