Dee White Talks NY Conference Feb 2017

The New York Conference was an amazing networking and learning opportunity. I loved catching up with Serena Geddes, Liz Anelli, Marjorie Crosby-Fairall and Chris Cheng, and it was so great to get an international perspective on things.

Travis Jonker's session on social media really hit a chord with me. How hard is it to stand out from the mass of blogs, websites and other platforms fighting for our attention on the WW Web? Travis certainly knew how to draw followers.

Travis is a librarian from Michigan who has a site called and his talk was so authentic and interesting. His focus was on sharing his knowledge and love of books. He had no agenda and no books of his own to promote.

One of the things he said that resonated with me most was, "Tweet out of love. It's your personality that will engage others."

Travis said that it's okay to post about yourself, but try and do at least one meaningful post a week.

Dee White