SA Christmas Dinner


Full of the festive feeling last Friday, SA SCBWI members gathered in the courtyard at the British Hotel.


Along with a enough longstanding members to fill a ship captain's table, new members, David and Carolyn, joined in the merriment. Carolyn felt compelled to join SCBWI after attending the October Professional Day while David joined earlier this year.

We're thrilled they did and look forward to seeing them at future events. Welcome, David and Carolyn!


Many donned spectacular paper crowns in the true spirit of Christmas. Between feasting on an array of dishes, everyone grabbed the opportunity to mingle and mix - industry news, as always, was a hot topic along with announcements regarding future releases. Whispers of huge plans for 2018 events in SA were met with wide eyes and gleeful grins.

And we're simply itching to share the details. But after the last glass of bubbles was drained, we made a promise to keep our lips zipped. Can't wait to share the details with you right here in the new year.

Merry Christmas from SA.

Kelly Hibbert