A bit about SCBWI critique groups...

With thanks to Shaye Wardrop for her words.

DID YOU KNOW… SCBWI has online critique groups you can join?

Yep! The wonderful admin team of SCBWI Australia East/New Zealand has set up a FREE online critique group system for SCBWI members. Shaye Wardrop (SCBWI ACT committee member) recently joined, and here’s what she said about the experience.

Why did you decide to join a SCBWI critique group?

I wanted to get feedback on my work on a regular basis. I also really liked the idea of getting lots of opinions on the same piece of work at the same time. If everyone likes something, you know it’s likely working. If everyone thinks it’s not quite right, you know you need to take a closer look.

What do you like most about the SCBWI critique groups?

I love that it’s all online; this makes it really easy to fit into my schedule. I also like that the groups are small (max of 6 people), so we all get to submit our work regularly.

There are guidelines to help with setup and management (super helpful), but I also really like that groups can make changes to meet their own needs. For example, my group critiques on a fortnightly schedule (rather than a weekly schedule) because it suits everyone better.

Was it easy to join?

Extremely! You simply go to scbwiaustralianz.squarespace.com/online-critique-groups, read the information there and register to join a group. You’ll get an email when enough people are on the waiting list to form your critique group. 

Anything else to add?

There are groups for authors, illustrators and author/illustrators to join. So no excuses!

Shaye Wardrop, pitching at the the recent SCBWI ACT Level Up conference. 

Shaye Wardrop, pitching at the the recent SCBWI ACT Level Up conference.