Farewell SA ARA, Katrina Germein and welcome Kelly Hibbert


Before joining SCBWI, whenever I head the term ‘society of (something)’, I always thought, secret. Secret Society. The two words just go together, don’t they? There’s supposedly nothing secret about SCBWI – anyone can join - but the thing is, people who aren’t members don’t get it. They don’t get us. They’re confused when we say we love writing, and then we say we hate writing, and then we say we’re quitting writing, and then we say we could never quit writing because we love it so much. (Or illustrating, if that’s your cleverness).

So we are a kind of secret society because we understand each other when no one else does. Leading SCBWI SA has been an enriching part of my life story. As member numbers have grown from 7 to 50, the enthusiasm of our group has swept me along with it. Our crew is made up of positive, supportive, creative, people and while I’m stepping down as coordinator I’m not leaving the tribe.

Kelly Hibbert.jpg

Thank you to the gorgeous Susanne Gervay for giving me the opportunity to steer SCBWI SA for the last five years. And thank you to the SA community for supporting me so warmly and generously. I love sharing secrets with you. Welcome to the wonderful Kelly Hibbert, whom I know will make an awesome coordinator.

Over to you, Kel.

Katrina Germein


Everyone has a story to tell about how they found their tribe. After a fellow blogger in the US mentioned SCBWI, a frenzied internet search began and I positively fizzed with excitement within minutes.

From that point, things moved swiftly. Membership and attendance at the October Retreat in Adelaide. The role of treasurer and responsibility for a receipt book and small amount of money in a pencil case. And, now the honour of Coordinator for SA.

Katrina left big chief shoes to fill. But there's no doubt we'll continue to grow and thrive - SA SCBWI are tremendously supportive creatives. And they're my kind of tribe.

Kelly Hibbert