We Want You! Roving Reporter Call Out

With anchors aweigh and sails unfurled, it’s all hands on deck for the SCBWI Sydney 2016 Conference. Bookings are filling fast but there is still time to join our hearty crew! As a delegate attending one of our Industry’s most illuminating literary conferences, you are automatically part of a conducive, productive, and supportive environment unlike any other. Before we set sail though, we need a few more crew members to ensure that those not sailing with us this time are kept fully informed of every Conference happening.

Sydney 2014 Conference delegates

Sydney 2014 Conference delegates

If you fancy being part of this year’s elite group of semi-professional Conference Roving Reporters and you -

  1. Have a flair for sharing
  2. Can take a photograph in focus
  3. Have a penchant for fast and furious note taking
  4. Are attending the Sydney 2016 Conference
  5. Harbour a secret desire to be a journalist
  6. Possess an unrelenting passion for children’s book writing and illustrating


Actually, # 4 is the only real requirement for joining our Roving Reporter Team. The benefits however are many! They include, but are not limited to:

  • The opportunity to look like this
  • The pleasure of working with...wait for it...me.
  • The undying gratitude of your fellow colleagues who could not make it to the conference this time round.
  • The satisfaction of seeing your reports dutifully posted on this blog and all other forms of social media.
  • The promise you will not have to dress as or talk like a pirate (unless you really want to).
  • A personalised, individual thank you gift basket from SCBWI. (Warning: this last bit should be regarded as a Chapter One red herring)

Remaining opportunities are limited, so look lively me hearties! To register your availability, please leave a comment on this post or email Dimity direct – dimityspowell@gmail.com

Can’t wait to have you aboard!