Crowdfunding to send Books to Sudan

Taking books to Sudan - supported by SCBWI Tasmania.

'When I was a Boy in Sudan' and 'When I was a Girl in Sudan' are beautiful picture books which have been the initiative of Anne Whitehouse and Gay McKinnon supported by Julie Hunt, Anne Morgan, Gaye Hawkins and the Tasmanian Writers Centre. It has been a labour of love. 

'One of things I am most passionate about is education of girls - and so I was delighted to discover that the Madi in South Sudan are unusual in that they educate their girls and not just the boys. The school my Sudanese colleague and I visited in Loa, near the Ugandan border,  has 600 students - half of whom are girls (unusual in Sudan) - but they had only 21 (mostly old British school readers of the 1950s) books in English, to share between the whole school! That's when I became determined to do something about it. 

As well as the 2000 copies of 'When I was a Boy/Girl in Sudan' waiting to be sent, we have 4000 other donated books in English, to get to Sudan. Costs are high. Private shipping to East Africa, then by truck to Sudan, through Uganda. Govt channels no good.' Terry Whitehead.

The TWC has launched a crowdfunding campaign for the beautiful Sudanese Books, to raise money for a print run to print 1,000 to send to children in South Sudan.

Only 36 days to go, $3700 to raise and next to no publicity that I can see on social media or elsewhere.

SCBWI Australia East and New Zealand is supporting this wonderful initiative. Please donate if you can. Thank you.