As with sailing into a head wind, plotting your next best seller or navigating your way through a Myer’s end of year sale, one must occasionally change direction to actually get anywhere.  How else would you be able to track down that must-have-can’t-believe-it’s-on-special new garment! And, like hunting down the perfect piece of apparel to launch your new book in, organising a conference is no easy feat.

For those who have been following the social media surge of changes surrounding The Sydney SCBWI Conference 2016, take heart. It’s time to reef in your storm sails and break out the (celebratory) spirits for calmer waters are on the horizon. Here are the truncated Facts and Figures and Reasons to Attend direct from our intrepid Capitan herself:

Conference dates: Sunday 4th – Tuesday 6th September 2016. Two full conference days.

Conference program highlights:

  • Publisher panels
  • Pitch session
  • Book launches
  • Local and International guests and keynote speakers
  • Face-to-face manuscript and portfolio critiques
  • International distance critiques
  • Special Feature: Suzanne Murphy, President of HarperCollins USA, skype session.
  • Illustrator Showcase
  • (In)famous SCBWI dinner dance party with SCBWI band led by Meredith Costain and Scott Chambers
  • Optional Opening dinner Sunday 4th September with special competition Spelling Bee.
  • Roving Report Team of highly skilled semi-professionals recording everyone’s every move to share on line for those who can’t make it.

NEW LOCATION! The Menzies Sydney Hotel in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. Why is this so great?

  • Can accommodate entire conference delegation, Showcase set up, Critiques and social gatherings under one roof.
  • Just ten kilometres from Sydney Airport and across the street from Wynyard Station.
  • Centrally located to all the best bits to see of Sydney. (So your non-conference pics will be as awesome as all those of your newly made SCBWI mates!)

Bookings open at the End of April and places are limited so snap up yours soon.

Actually, attending this year’s SCBWI Conference appears a lot less stressful than trekking down a bargain and promises to be twice as much fun. Of course if you do manage to find that elusive new frock (or suit), you certainly won’t be able to say you’ve got nothing to wear to the SCBWI dinner dance!

Stick around for more insight on the Illustrator Showcase and don’t forget – Bookings Open Soon!



Conference bookings open at the end of April. The Menzies Hotel need a special code if you are booking accommodation as part of the conference, but you will need to wait until bookings open to be given the special code.