SketchLook! January 2016

SketchLook is an ongoing feature of the SCBWI Blog. It is a glimpse into the working process of artists, how we experiment, think through our ideas, stretch our imagination and observe the world. This is a glimpse at current work in progress, free doodles, rough drawings, and sketches from life. CLICK HERE to participate in SketchLook.

Take a peek at the working drawings and sketchbooks of some of our members:

Benjamin Johnston—Every project I do, no matter what type of media, starts out as sketches in a book. I wouldn't show the very first attempts though.

Andrea Edmonds—When ideas for a story or a character come to mind, I’ll use my sketchbook to jot down those first ideas and initial sketches. When working on a project, I use my sketchbook for character development, roughs, colour palette ideas and reference material to refer back to. Here are a few examples from my personal sketchbook.

A call-out for the next selection will be sent out in good time but members of SCBWI Australia East & New Zealand are invited to submit images at any time. Work should be scans or snapshots of sketchbook pages featuring sketches, drawings from life or working drawings. Up to five images, Jpeg format, 72 dpi, 750px width maximum. Kindly avoid overlaying text on images and other digital manipulation. CLICK HERE to submit images for SketchLook.