3 new additions to Candice Lemon-Scott's 'Jake in Space' series


Well done Candice Lemon-Scott with 3 new books in her exciting JAKE IN SPACE series:

Jake in Space:  Rocket Battles

Jake and his friends are a wildcard entry in the most famous race in the solar system - the Rocket Battles. Beating champion racers is not going to be easy.


Jake in Space:  Robot Games

Jake and his friends are excited to be at the Robot Games until their cyborg friend, Henry, starts acting stranger than usual. Is it his recent upgrade? Or is something mysterious going on?


Jake in Space:  Volcanoes of Venus

Published by New Frontier Publishing in paperback, for ages 7+

Jake is excited to be staying at the famous Floating Hotel of Venus, until his cyborg friend Henry sniffs out more than just garbage.

Congrats Candice!