Two new junior novels for Adam Wallace

Congrats to Adam Wallace on the publication of his TWO new chapter books:

The Vanilla Slice Kid


Blunderingly Brilliant

The Vanilla Slice Kid, co-authored by Jack Wodhams and illustrated by Tom Gittus, is published by Ford Street Publishing in paperback, for ages 8 - 12.
Archie Cunningham has a very special, and very tasty, power. When an uploaded video shows the world what he can do, Archie suddenly becomes the key in a quest for TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION!

Blunderingly Brilliant, illustrated by James Hart, is published by Krueger Wallace Press in paperback, for ages 6 - 10. 
Jackson Payne is super clumsy, and now he's also a superstar, on the front page of the newspaper. But it's going to Jackson's head, and that can only lead to one thing ... CHAOS!

Both heaps of fun judging by the covers! - great stuff Adam!