SA Winter Gathering

The South Australian Chapter of SCBWI held a half day gathering at The Stirling Coventry Library on Sunday 27th July with a good number of members in attendance.

The meeting began with Katrina Germein’s presentation and summary of the recent SCBWI Conference held in Sydney earlier this month. Katrina provided some useful information on the current trends in the industry and has kindly made her power point presentation available to all SA SCBWI members.

We then had a chance to formally welcome our newest SCBWI members Kate Willson, Jacinta Rooney and Carrie Gallasch and had an opportunity to learn about their work. They are most welcome additions to our cosy group.

SCBWI member Jane Carlisle shared her gorgeous art journal with the group, while making everyone extremely jealous of her recent time in Paris.

Amanda Graham ran a fun creativity exercise, challenging members to create a story (with illustrations) based on three words, in a ten minute time span. After receiving feedback from a partner, members were given more time to refine their stories further.  Members then had an opportunity to share their stories with the group if they wished.


After a period mingling over a wonderful shared afternoon tea, peer critiquing commenced, giving members valuable feedback of their works in progress. The afternoon ended with a closing summary by Katrina and some happy snaps.

All in all, it was a most enjoyable afternoon, strengthening the SA SCBWI chapter further. Thank you to Amanda Graham who did a fabulous job organising the location and the afternoon’s events.

 Tania Ingram.