VOX POPULI ... SCBWI Round-up from delegates

Roving Reporter: Dimity Powell (going beyond the call of duty! Wonderful!)

What does attending the SCBWI conference mean to you? What have you gained from it?


Sense of attending a family reunion: not quite knowing everybody but comfortable with the feeling of belonging and that by the end of the day, you’re family has extended even more so. Absorbing priceless pieces of information at every level. Dimity Powell QLD Author

Networking opportunities, meeting inspirational people, feeling energised and inspired, absorbing opportunities to become better (at what we do) and the friendships. Christina Booth – TAS Illustrator.

Meeting new people, listening to the ‘experts’ and attending the master classes plus soaking up and learning new things. Victoria Lane Author

Encouragement, inspiration, industry knowledge and friendship through networking and socialising. There’s a real sense of community and camaraderie. Megan Forward QLD Illustrator

Inspired. Everything has given me hope. And the wine! Yvonne Mes QLD author illustrator

Wonderful being in such a shared passionate environment. Gives you a sense of validation for what you do. Maria Gill Author

Getting out of study and a trip to Australia! Sally Sutton Author NZ

Glad to be with friends and having the opportunity of one on one critique – very important. Shelly Unwin NSW Author

Inspiration and continued learning about the craft. Coral Vass VIC Author

Learning more and speaking with people involved with children’s literary. Great getting first hand feedback too. Aura Parker Author.

Sessions (by the creators themselves) have been fantastic, insightful and enriching. Maria Rigori Author

Fantastic and very beneficial being able to view new portfolios, especially illustrator portfolios. Being in the publishing industry is a little like being in the entertainment industry. Clare Hallifax industry. Clare Hallifax Publishing Manager Scholastic Australia.

I thought I would be a little fish in a little bowl with lots of big fish but then I discovered the big fish were friendly, playful and generous. Jacque Duffy QLD author illustrator

Thank you, Dimity. And thank you to the delegates who participated in this Vox Populi. :)