A hearty cheer for our brilliant Roving Reporter team

I can't imagine how stressful it would've been taking on the SCBWI Conference blogging job without the help and dedication of a hand-picked team of roving reporters and photographers ..... Sheryl Gwyther, author.   #SCBWIAusNZ14

It's been such a privilege working with you all, team!

Sound the drum roll and give them a hearty cheer!!!

Pamela Rushby, Sandy Fussell, Betty Sargent, Dimity Powell, Ramona Davey, Caz Goodwin, Sarah Mounsey, Peter Taylor, Mo Johnson, Georgie Donaghey and Jacque Duffy.

Dimity Powell, Caz Goodwin, Georgie Donaghey, Pam Rushby, Sheryl Gwyther, Lesley Vamos, Sarah Mounsey, Betty Sargent, Sandy Fussell, Ramona Davey.

Adding in Peter Taylor (and the usual suspects!)

Adding in Peter Taylor (and the usual suspects!)

And Jacque Duffy!