GETTING INTO THE MARKET PLACE ... Kathryn Otoshi and Tania McCartney

Roving Reporter: Georgie Donaghey

This session was an education on breaking into the market with self published books.

Together with Tania McCartney (Kids Book Review and the 52-Week Illustrator Challenge) and International Award winning author, Kathryn Otoshi, we were given an insight into their journey from publication to success!

These simple comments sum up this energetic and informative session by two respected industry professionals.

'It begins with a window of an idea.'  Kathryn Otoshi

 'Everyone shares parallel paths but has a unique journey.'  Tania McCartney

 'Don't tell your dream, take action on it.'  Kathryn Otoshi

 'Start small and let it grow organically.'  Tania McCartney

 'Believe in miracles - they are waiting for you everywhere.'  Kathryn Otoshi

 'Use what you know - reconnecting with your eight year old self.'

 At eight years of age Tania McCartney spent her time doing what she loved best, drawing and writing. She was happy.  Her teenage years were spent exploring the opposite sex.  Her focus had shifted but she was still happy.  By her 20s Tania got caught up in the grown-ups world and did jobs she didn't love.  Her thirties were spent bringing a family into the world and being a Mum. She was happy but not complete.

Nowadays, Tania has reconnected with her eight-year-old self and is doing what she loves to do best, writing and drawing.  She is in her heaven.

Kathryn Otoshi, who suffers from self confessed career ADD, turned her redundancy from George Lucas Films into a good thing.  She used this life change to change her life and hasn't looked back.

Both agree it is hard when getting started and you need to make sacrifices.  Pay offs only come when you have put in the hard work, it may take sometime but it is worth it in the end.


Plant your idea - find your niche in the market and begin.

Grass roots plan - research your market, have a plan of direction and source those who can distribute your books.

Good soil - build contacts around you - reach out to bookstores, librarians, sellers and those already established in the industry.

Water and sunshine - enjoy your accolades and soak up any and all encouragement.