The 38-Week Flash Fiction Challenge - come join us!

Some might think we're gluttons for punishment, but I bet if you're anything like me you can't resist writing challenges ... like, you've manuscripts to finish, a work-in-progress that shrieks for attention, a SCBWI function to organise, members to email ... and what do you do? Set up a flash fiction writing challenge on Facebook.

38-Week FLASH FICTION Challenge

That's what I did three weeks ago. I adore Flash Fiction, whether for adults or for children. (Flash Fiction is just that - short-short stories, usually between 50-500 words.) I wanted to build a community feel to writing them, like Tania McCartney has done in her amazing 52-Week Illustration Challenge on Facebook.

The 38-Week Flash Fiction Challenge page is now an OPEN GROUP on Facebook. Anyone can join. Posting stories here mean they're published - if you intend submitting a story for a competition, don't post it online. But, many writers just want people to read their words.

I've listed 38 topics/themes - one a week until the end of the year. This week's word was cabbage, a new one begins tomorrow.

The site now has 44 members - some children's writers, some who write for adults. Check us out. You're welcome to join us too!

If you've never written Flash Fiction, the site includes some useful articles to read. You don't have to post every week (although fanatical 'flash-fictionaires' like myself do). The main things are to have fun writing and reading the fabulous stories! And best of all, they only take a minute or so to read.

Tomorrow, Saturday 22nd March, we begin Week 4's word ... atone. Come join us!!

Posted by Sheryl Gwyther, author / SCBWI Australia E/New Zealand ARA (Qld)