Toni Brisland's new junior novel

Congrats to Toni Brisland on the release of the print version of the second in the popular DemiChat series: 

DemiChat and the Lost Mummy

With digital illustrations by Cheryl Cruz

Published by Dragonpencil, Georgia,
ISBN 9781601311733 
Print version $12.95 available from the author  
Book $USD2.99 available on Amazon    
For junior readers 9 – 11  

After their escapades in Italy, Himalayan cat DemiChat and Lord Flannery Beagle find themselves whisked to Egypt to search for a lost mummy. Surviving grave robbers is hard enough, but when an evil Mau, Sera, and her motley cat gang lead them into a trap, Demi realises the past and present are entertwined. Flannery is willing to risk everything to save Demi. With a Sherlock Holmes style code and Egyptian hieroglyphic  Readers will be kept guessing till the very end – thrilling!