Jan Latta's Diary of a Wildlife Photographer

Congrats to Jan Latta on the launch of the wonderful

Diary of a Wildlife Photographer

       Diary of a Wildlife Photographer by  Jan Latta

   Diary of a Wildlife Photographer by Jan Latta

Published by True to Life Books

isbn 9780980872729

A journal of Jan's amazing adventures creating the True to Life Books series. She's travelled to Africa, India, Sri Lanka, China and Uganda to photograph endangered animals and write about their survival. 104 pages, over 300 stunning photographs. 

A must for school libraries! 






New YA e-book for Lorraine Orman

Touchstone  by  Lorraine Ormon

Touchstone by Lorraine Ormon

Lorraine Orman's new e-book is


for ages 13 - 16

Published by Ashmore Books

isbn 978-0-473-23973-2 (Kindle)

        978-0-473-23972-5 (epub)

Available on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, etc

Skye travels to the remote West Coast of New Zealand hoping to find the answer to a family secret. But she becomes ensnared in a bigger web of lies. Does she have the courage to do the right thing?

Sounds intriguing - congrats Lorraine!