Jan Latta's Diary of a Wildlife Photographer

Congrats to Jan Latta on the launch of the wonderful

Diary of a Wildlife Photographer

       Diary of a Wildlife Photographer by  Jan Latta

   Diary of a Wildlife Photographer by Jan Latta

Published by True to Life Books

isbn 9780980872729

A journal of Jan's amazing adventures creating the True to Life Books series. She's travelled to Africa, India, Sri Lanka, China and Uganda to photograph endangered animals and write about their survival. 104 pages, over 300 stunning photographs. 

A must for school libraries! 






Jill Carter-Hansen illustrates Bearly There

Congrats to Jill Carter-Hansen for her gorgeous illustrations for

Bearly There

written by Aleesah Darlison

Bearly There, by Aleesah Darlison,  illustrated by Jill Carter-Hansen  

Published by Windy Hollow Books

isbn  9781922081056 

Blake resists family criticism of his favourite toy, the well worn Bearly. A superior, arrogant replacement bear appears, hatching plots to replace the bedraggled Bearly in Blake's affections. This is a story of loyalty and the negotiations involved in true friendship.  

 Sounds wonderful!






Jaquelyn Muller's new picture book

Congrats to Jaquelyn Muller on the publication of

I Love You 5 Lollipops

illustrated by Kathryn Zemmel

   I Love You 5 Lollipops  by  Jaquelyn Muller    

 I Love You 5 Lollipops by Jaquelyn Muller 

Elizabeth Rose has an unusual family. When they aren't spinning, twirling, parading or flying, she loves to spend time with each of them in her own special way. Through her colourful (and sometimes scrumptious) imagination, Elizabeth Rose reminds us that all love is important, regardless of whether it barks, tastes buttery sweet or comes topped on a stick! 

 For ages 0 - 5

isbn 9780646591490

Available on Amazon

Great stuff Jaquelyn! 



Andrea Edmonds' new picture book illustrations

Congrats to Andrea Edmonds for her wonderful illustrations for Ed Allen's new preschool picture book

10 Silly Wombats

A funny counting book, featuring ten colourful wombat friends who start their day getting on a bus. As the day unfolds they have silly adventures including  going down a waterside, swinging very high and driving racing cars! There are also hidden numbers to find. 

    10 Silly Wombats    by Andrea Edmond

 10 Silly Wombats by Andrea Edmond

Published by Scholastic Australia 

isbn 9781742836386 

 Looks heaps of fun!

Mark Thomason's Moonrunner Trilogy on Kindle

Moonrunner's Spirit    by  Mark Thomason     

Moonrunner's Spirit by Mark Thomason   

Mark Thomason's popular

Moonrunner series

is now available on Amazon Kindle. 

Moonrunner  by  Mark Thomason

Moonrunner by Mark Thomason

The trilogy consists of  


The unbreakable bond between a determined boy and a wild brumby stallion in 1895 gold rush Australia 

Moonrunner's Spirit

 The final battle between Moonrunner and a black panther, and a race to save a grandfather





Moonrunner's Shadow

A boy and a young horse growing up together and Casey trying to be a man


Moonrunner's Shadow  by  Mark Thomason

Moonrunner's Shadow by Mark Thomason

Congrats Mark!

Dawn Meredith's new book on Bradman

Congrats to Dawn Meredith on her new title

Sir Donald Bradman

Sir Donald Bradman    by Dawn Meredith

Sir Donald Bradman  by Dawn Meredith

Australian Champion Cricketer

  With carefully researched facts and rare photographs, this is an excellent reference book for school projects and for people learning to read and write English - no matter how old they are. Written with high interest, low vocabulary in mind, the simple language and layout makes it perfect for reluctant readers in primary and lower secondary.

Available from Amazon in ebook or paperback. 

 Well done Dawn - should be a winner!


New story from Wai Ping Chim

         Chook Chook: Little and Lo in the City      by  Wai Ping Chim

   Chook Chook: Little and Lo in the City by Wai Ping Chim

Wai Ping Chim's new junior novel is

Chook Chook: Little and Lo in the City

With Little and Lo now an accepted part of the family, Mei's happier than ever. That is until Ma decides to marry the one-eyed butcher. Now Mei has to contend with a new dad, a new brother and new pets. A story of family, friendship and belonging. 

Published by University of Queensland Press 

isbn 9780702249754 

 For  independent readers ages 7/8+

Congrats Wai! 

Felicity Pulman's new book on penguins

The Little Penguins of Manly Wharf         by   Felicity Pulman , with photos by David Jenkins.    

The Little Penguins of Manly Wharf    by  Felicity Pulman, with photos by David Jenkins.


Felicity Pulman's new non fiction book is

The Little Penguins of Manly Wharf


With beautiful photographs by David Jenkins and designed by Cath of Catfish Creations, all proceeds of this delightful and informative book go to the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife. It tells the stories and real life adventures of the cute fairy penguins who nest under Manly Wharf, part of the only mainland colony found in Australia. 

isbn 9780987570802 

RRP $24.95 - all proceeds going to the care and preservation of the colony.

Enquiries and distribution: Melanie Tyas of NPWS: mel.tyas@environment.nsw.gov.au 

or Felicity: felicity@felicitypulman.com.au 

Congrats Felicity - a  wonderful contribution! 

ps Her second instalment of Our Asian Adventures: Cambodia was published in the May issue of Blast Off, published by NSW School Magazine.  



New YA e-book for Lorraine Orman

Touchstone  by  Lorraine Ormon

Touchstone by Lorraine Ormon

Lorraine Orman's new e-book is


for ages 13 - 16

Published by Ashmore Books

isbn 978-0-473-23973-2 (Kindle)

        978-0-473-23972-5 (epub)

Available on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, etc

Skye travels to the remote West Coast of New Zealand hoping to find the answer to a family secret. But she becomes ensnared in a bigger web of lies. Does she have the courage to do the right thing?

Sounds intriguing - congrats Lorraine!

Julie Hunt's new fantasy adventure

Song for a Scarlet Runner  , by Julie Hunt

Julie Hunt's new novel for 9 - 12 year olds

Song for a Scarlet Runner

is already receiving rave reviews!

Published by Allen and Unwin

isbn  9781743313589

'A gripping tale ... Both magical and superbly true, this new world draws us into universal struggles of survival, loyalty and freedom, as secrets build and break around us like weather.'  Anna Fienberg

Congratulations Julie!

Chris Cheng's two latest ...

   Python   by Chris Cheng, illustrated by Mark Jackson        

Python by Chris Cheng, illustrated by Mark Jackson  

Australia's Greatest Inventions and Innovations     by Chris Cheng and Linsay Knight

Australia's Greatest Inventions and Innovations by Chris Cheng and Linsay Knight

Chris Cheng has joined the flood of double releases with


illustrated by Mark Jackson

Published by Walker Books Australia

isbn  9781921529603

It's morning in the bush. Python stirs and slithers out from her shelter. She warms her head and smells the air with her forked tongue. Python is a beautiful snake, but also dangerous - and she is looking for a meal.


Australia's Greatest Inventions and Innovations

written with Linsay Knight in conduction with the Power House Museum, for age 10+

published by Random House Australia

isbn  9781742755649

A comprehensive guide to the above, as well as their amazing creators. Full of facts, photos and fun surprises for curious kids and grown-ups alike.

Looks fascinating - congrats Chris!

Anna Pignataro's two new titles

Forever   by Anna Pignataro

Forever by Anna Pignataro

Everyone seems to be producing in pairs!

Anna Pignataro's new picture books are:


published in hardback by Scholastic, for preschoolers and stage 1

isbn 9781742830711

It's also being released this year in the US (Cartwheel Books) as Mama, Will I Be Yours Forever?

The world is full of many changes - from egg to chick, river to sea, day to night. But no matter what, Mamma's love for Oli endures forever. A timeless story to read together with your little bear.

and also:

Princess and Fairy Enchanting Carnival.

also published by Scholastic in hardback

isbn  9781742833200

A charming look-and-find picture book, the sixth in the Princess and Fairy series, with detailed spreads and rhyming lyrical text. The most exciting things may be found where you least expect.

Congrats Anna!

Two new novels for Sherryl Clark

Congrats to Sherryl Clark, who has two new novels out:

The Littlest Pirate and the Stinky Ship

published by Penguin books (Nibbles series) for 5 - 8 year olds

paperback isbn 9780143306627

eBook isbn 9781742538099

The Littlest Pirate, Nicholas Nosh, and his crew have been taken prisoner on board Captain Stinker's smelly ship! Is there a way to rescue them all? 



also published by Penguin, a verse novel for 10 - 14 year olds

Paperback isbn  9780143307150

Cassie and her brother Jack are on the run from the past, from the future and from their failure of a family. But where can they go? And can you ever really run away?

Two new picture books for Sally Odgers

Bushland Lullaby   by Sally Odgers

Bushland Lullaby by Sally Odgers

  The Way of the Drago  n by Sally Odgers

The Way of the Dragon by Sally Odgers

Sally Odgers has certainly been busy, with two new picture books out:

Bushland Lullaby

published by Scholastic Australia

isbn 139781742831770

One by one, the bush babies go to sleep in their own environments. Each scene is described in rhyming couplets following animals as diverse as crocodiles and wallabies. The story ends with a human child.


The Way of the Dragon

published by Blake


isbn 9781741647648

Didymous Drake is fed up with humans. Denzil has been kicked out for setting fire to Dame Cooch's bed. Simpkins Smidgeon feels neglected by his big brothers. Whenn these 3 characters meet the dust is going to fly ... literally.

Wow - congrats Sally!

Hazel Edwards' new book for authors

Congrats to Hazel Edwards

on the publication of her new book


with cartoons by Sheila Hollingworth.

     Authorpreneurship   by Hazel Edwards

Authorpreneurship by Hazel Edwards

Authorpreneurship is about investing in your creativity to increase your professional opportunities. Strategies for beginner, mid-list and highly experienced authors needing to adapt to a fast-changing, digital, global industry. This book will help you transform your career from author to authorpreneur.

Published by The Australian Society of Authors: Keesing Press

isbn 9780975208380 (paperback)

isbn  9780975208373 (ePub)

Sounds invaluable - and it's already reprinting!

New younger readers' title for Meredith Costain

Congrats to Meredith Costain

on the publication of her new primary school age novel

Disaster Chef

Published by Walker Books Australia

isbn  9781921977794

Disaster Chef   by Meredith Costain

Disaster Chef by Meredith Costain

Ollie's a footy champ, not a chef. When his brother Julian makes it onto a kids' cooking show, Ollie's world turns into a recipe for disaster. Will Ollie be able to survive on the sidelines?  

Sounds fun, and very topical!

Hey Baby by Corinne Fenton now a board book

Congrats to Corinne Fenton!

     Hey Baby   by Corinne Fenton

Hey Baby by Corinne Fenton

her very successful

Hey Baby!

has now been released as a board book.

Published by Walker Books Australia

isbn 9781922179173

For babies and tiny tots. Never doubt just how special you are. A love letter to baby, with 53 beautiful photos.   


New picture book illustrated by Annie White

Annie White

is the illustrator of a delightful new picture book

Grumpy Grandpa

written by Kate Forsyth

Published by Scholastic Australia

isbn  9781742831756

            Grumpy Grandpa  , illustrated by Annie White, written by Kate Forsyth

Grumpy Grandpa, illustrated by Annie White, written by Kate Forsyth

A humorous and gentle story told in rhyme, following a little girl as she visits her grandpa and discovers that people are never quite what they seem.

Congrats Annie!

Sophie Masson's new YA thriller/romance

Scarlet in the Snow   by Sophie Masson

Scarlet in the Snow by Sophie Masson


Sophie Masson's

new YA romance, based on the Russian version of Beauty and the Beast.

A deserted mansion. Empty picture frames. A perfect red rose in a snowy garden. There is rich and powerful magic here, and a mystery to unravel. 

Published by Random House Australia

isbn  9781742758152

Should be a hit - congratulations Sophie!

Sophie Masson's tips of the trade ...


Tips of the trade for writers

is Sophie Masson's new book of advice for writers of children's books.

E-book only, in Epub and mobi formats

isbn  978 0 9873224 2 5

This well known author for young people shares her many years of experience in authorship, with practical and entertaining tips on the craft, business and inspirations for writing. For 15 years through to adult.

Lots of food for thought here - congratulations Sophie!