New YA e-book for Lorraine Orman

Touchstone  by  Lorraine Ormon

Touchstone by Lorraine Ormon

Lorraine Orman's new e-book is


for ages 13 - 16

Published by Ashmore Books

isbn 978-0-473-23973-2 (Kindle)

        978-0-473-23972-5 (epub)

Available on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, etc

Skye travels to the remote West Coast of New Zealand hoping to find the answer to a family secret. But she becomes ensnared in a bigger web of lies. Does she have the courage to do the right thing?

Sounds intriguing - congrats Lorraine!

Sophie Masson's tips of the trade ...


Tips of the trade for writers

is Sophie Masson's new book of advice for writers of children's books.

E-book only, in Epub and mobi formats

isbn  978 0 9873224 2 5

This well known author for young people shares her many years of experience in authorship, with practical and entertaining tips on the craft, business and inspirations for writing. For 15 years through to adult.

Lots of food for thought here - congratulations Sophie!


Hazel Edwards' new junior mystery e-series

Hazel Edwards' new e-series starring

Sleuth Astrid

The two   Sleuth Astrid  e-books   , by  Hazel Edwards , illustrated by Jane Connory

The two  Sleuth Astrid e-books, by Hazel Edwards, illustrated by Jane Connory

contains 2 (so far) titles:

The Mind-Reading Chook

the Magician has lost his sense of humour - Sleuth Astrid must find it before the 3 pm show

The Lost Voice of the Grand Final

Sleuth Astrid has to find the Voice of the Coach before the Saturday Grand Final

illustrated and designed by Jane Connory

Sleuth Astrid is a hi-tech chook who rides a Harley-Davidson motorbike and solves mysteries.

E-book only, available only on author website. Isbn  9780987157539

Sounds wonderful - congratulations Hazel!