Mark Thomason's Moonrunner Trilogy on Kindle

Moonrunner's Spirit    by  Mark Thomason     

Moonrunner's Spirit by Mark Thomason   

Mark Thomason's popular

Moonrunner series

is now available on Amazon Kindle. 

Moonrunner  by  Mark Thomason

Moonrunner by Mark Thomason

The trilogy consists of  


The unbreakable bond between a determined boy and a wild brumby stallion in 1895 gold rush Australia 

Moonrunner's Spirit

 The final battle between Moonrunner and a black panther, and a race to save a grandfather





Moonrunner's Shadow

A boy and a young horse growing up together and Casey trying to be a man


Moonrunner's Shadow  by  Mark Thomason

Moonrunner's Shadow by Mark Thomason

Congrats Mark!