Krista Bell’s new picture book

Congrats to Krista Bell on her new picture book

Jack's Bugle

illustrated by Belinda Elliot
Published by Windy Hollow Books
Ages 7 - 12

Young soldier Jack's bugle is brought home to Australia from the battle fields of World War 1 by his best mate Harry, but will it ever be played again? A celebration of music, optimism, mateship and ultimate peace.

With beautiful illustrations to harmonise perfectly with the lyrical text – a real treasure!

Corinne Fenton’s been extra busy!

Congrats to Corinne Fenton, former head of SCBWI Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia for no less than 3 wonderful bits of news:


Chasing Shadows

illustrated by Hannah Sommerville, came out this month.
Published by Ford Street Publishing
ISBN 9781925000153
For ages 5+

Everyone feels sad sometimes, but when sadness lingers, shadows appear. Will a wriggly, mischievous surprise help Beth chase her shadows away?




Hey Mum, I Love You

will be released in April by Black Dog Books (Walker Books Aust)
For ages 0+, it's in the same series as the popular "Oh Baby!" and "Hey Baby!"

Hey Mum, do you know how much I love you? With gorgeous photos of baby animals – bound to be another winner!  




Corinne has been announced as the 2014/15 Judge of the Junior Categories, Dorothea MacKellar Poetry Awards

What a year – triple congrats Corinne!

Toni Brisland's new junior novel

Congrats to Toni Brisland on the release of the print version of the second in the popular DemiChat series:

DemiChat and the Lost Mummy

With digital illustrations by Cheryl Cruz
Published by Dragonpencil, Georgia, ISBN 9781601311733
Print version $12.95 available from the author 
Book $USD2.99 available on Amazon
For junior readers 9 – 11

After their escapades in Italy, Himalayan cat DemiChat and Lord Flannery Beagle find themselves whisked to Egypt to search for a lost mummy. Surviving grave robbers is hard enough, but when an evil Mau, Sera, and her motley cat gang lead them into a trap, Demi realises the past and present are entertwined. Flannery is willing to risk everything to save Demi. With a Sherlock Holmes style code and Egyptian hieroglyphic

Readers will be kept guessing till the very end – thrilling!

Hazel Edwards writes a travel story with her son Trevelyan Quest Edwards

A great story here:
Hazel Edwards and Trevelyan Quest (real name) Edwards have co written

Trail Magic

Published by Brolga Publishing, distributed by Pan Macmillan
ISBN 9781922175359. $20 print, Ebook coming.

Launch coming up – Sunday Feb 23 5 pm, Nightcliff Aquatic Centre, 259, Casuarina Drive, Nightcliff, Darwin, NT

This is the easy to read, candidly humorous memoir of Trevelyan's (at 4 he was the inspiration for 'There's a Hippo on Our Roof Eating Cake') epic walk along the Appalachian trail – 2184 miles from Georgia to Maine! He wore out 2 pairs of shoes in 5 months. Great for young male readers in particular.

And the photo on the cover isn't photoshopped!

A fabulous project – congrats Hazel and Trevelyan!

Julie Murphy's new book on whale sharks

Congrats to Julie Murphy on her fascinating new book

Whale Sharks

Published by Cherry Lake Publishing, USA
For reading ages Grades 3 – 6

Available in hardcover, paperback, PDF and ebook

Illustrated with wonderful photos, the reader is taken on an undersea journey to discover fascinating facts about this fabulous creature. Everything from physical features to habitat, life cycle, food and more. With plenty of search tools to help students locate and research important information.

Sure to be a winner!